UK Waste by Sector (million tonnes)
Source: UK Gov (2018)

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Material Index works collaboratively with building owners, contractors, and design teams to enable the reuse of construction materials. We provide a range of circular economy services such as pre-demolition audits, reuse consultancy and materials brokerage.

Construction generates over 50% of the UK’s waste by volume. The embodied carbon of replacement virgin materials is over 14% of total UK emissions, while industry average reuse rates are currently less than 2%. Reusing more materials lowers waste and carbon while cutting costs.


Our platform provides a one-stop-shop for material management and reporting, from pre-demolition audits to material procurement and exchange.

Pre-demolition & pre-refurbishment auditing

Site Waste Management Plans

Embodied Carbon Reporting

Used Material Exchange

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We undertake pre-demolition, pre-refurbishment and pre-redevelopment audits, at all stages of a building's lifecycle, to meet BREEAM and Circular Economy Statements using our proprietary platform.

We provide information on material valuation, reuse pathways, deconstruction advice and embodied carbon data, accessible through our platform.

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We specialise in diverting materials arising from the refit, deconstruction and demolition of buildings that would be sent to waste being reused. We provide traceability on the sending of materials to the secondary supply chain, and their procurements.

We can assist you with the sourcing and specification of secondary materials for your next project, helping you meet your embodied carbon targets.

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We work closely with asset managers, developers, contractors and reclaim businesses, to help our industry partners source and sell secondary construction components.



We are architects, engineers and software developers committed to helping the construction industry become more sustainable.

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